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The Salicutti winegrowing estate, owned by legendary Munich restaurateurs Felix and Sabine Eichbauer of Tantris fame, is a place of untamed beauty located in the southeastern corner of Montalcino.  The estate house and cantina now form the heart of an enclosed 11-hectare cosmos, including 4.5 hectares of vines, an olive plantation and forest. Salicutti is the first organically certified estate in Montalcino, with vines dating back to 1994 and soils unsullied by conventional pesticides. Wines are cultivated here as they have been since time immemorial: by heeding nature’s voice and following the guidance she provides.




The 1.5 hectare “Sorgente cru sits at 450 meters in elevation. Its heavy, clayey sand soils are essential for extending the ripening process later into the season. The site is divided into the “old” and “new” vineyards. The Sangiovese planted here is grafted onto 420A and SO4 rootstocks. These are fresh, multi-faceted wines, with red fruits and fine tannin structure reflective of the heavy soils they grow in. Over the years, “Sorgente” has generally been the source for the Rosso di Montalcino. Because of the stony galestro soil, the grapes ripen here somewhat later than in Piaggione and Teatro, with a slightly lower alcohol content. The delayed ripening is — with a view toward the expected impact of climate change — an absolute plus.


Covering 1.2 hectares, “Piaggione” faces to the east-by-southeast with fossil-rich calcareous soils at 420 to 450 meters of elevation. It is populated with a mixed set of clones from early ripening red grapes. The vineyard is divided by a terrace into two different homogeneous parcels that were planted in 1994 and 2007 respectively. These are wines like sportscars, muscular yet restrained in their red fruit, floral notes and fine tannins.


At just 0.7 hectares the smallest cru at Salicutti, “Teatro” opens like an antique amphitheater to the south and has been planted since 1994 with Sangiovese grafts on SO4 rootstock. The somewhat cool microclimate of this vineyard, whose vines grow at roughly 500 meters in elevation, lends the wines a notably ethereal, intensive and complex air.



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Brunello di Montalcino
2018 750ml

Brunello di Montalcino
2018 750ml

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